Money Planner

Money Planner

Money Planner

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The Ultimate Boss Up Money Planner & Guided Journal

While everyone is talking about making money - here’s a hack to actually reaching your financial goals like a total boss.

Whether you’re trying to build your business empire, travel the world, or achieve financial independence, become purposeful about creating wealth this year with our daily money planner and guided journal.

The Secure The Bag Planner/Journal makes your daily goal setting and visualizing easy and intentional.

Uniquely designed for you to write down your goals, create actionable steps to help you accomplish that goal, and then reflect on the day.

This money planner and guided journal was created with bosses in mind who are looking to level up & actually make money instead of making excuses. It also helps you to create a positive relationship with money with over 80 guided journal prompts.

What's In It?

  • Vision board and planners for your daily manifestation
  • A blank check for you to write to the universe - no amount is too high!
  • A custom airplane ticket to make that dream vacation become a reality
  • Weekly planners for brain dumps, goal setting, and prioritizing.
  • Over 80 prompts to keep your mind focused on abundant thoughts and positivity.