Makeup Mannequin Set

Makeup Mannequin Set

Makeup Mannequin Set

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We’re Face Artist Pro – the brand behind the world’s only line of authentic, life-like makeup mannequins, initially launched back in 2014.

Our revolutionary products have been sold all over the world. And they’re loved by celebrity makeup artists, popular influencers, beauty schools, you name them.

We’ve listened.

Thanks to many fans that sent us inquiries, your favorite makeup mannequins are coming back with a bang by popular demand. Face Artist Pro is more versatile, more realistic, and better than anything on the market right now.

We believed the conventional makeup mannequin was due for a makeover.

If you’ve tried to use a traditional makeup mannequin, then you know the struggle is real. It’s not only boring and uninspiring but also quite impractical. Which is why we felt it was necessary to give the makeup mannequin a much needed upgrade in 2015.

The only other option is to find someone to sit for hours on end while you practice improving your makeup skills. You know how that goes – no one is willing to play “victim” for you.

With Face Artist Pro, that’s a thing of the past. Our core mission is to make the life of people who want to practice and hone their makeup application skills easy and hassle-free.


    • 1 Mannequin Head
    • 4 Different Skin Tone 
    • Table Clamp